Four steles of Dong Haichuan's graveyard:  Third and fourth Steles
Third stele and  its epitaphs by Ma Gui and followers  (1930)
I The first stele (1883):  "The life of Dong Haichuan" by Yin Fu and by Li Zhimin(1981)
II The second stele (1904): "Tomb of Ancestor Dong originated from Wen An" by Yin Fu

III The third stele (1930): "Great Master" Dong by Ma Gui

This third stele was added by Ma Gui and his followers. On the upper part of the front part of this stele is written: “Authentic Lin Wu” followed by this epitaph:
“Great Master Dong.
Dong Haichuan from Wen An – Hebei , was gifted with an extraordinary strength and uncommon face. He had a strong bust and an important waist. He was fond of martial arts and was unrivalled. As he reached his twenties he decided to visit Jin Hua mountain: he met there an immortal who transmitted him the essence of the art. Even facing ten opponent, Dong was still victorious. But what was even more extraordinary: “Sometimes, under the ceiling of the monastery, when some yellow bids were flying, Dong suddenly jumped once and grasp three birds in the same time. Facing sword specialists he was able to defeat them empty handed, taking off their weapons and blocking their feet. His arms were so long that they reached the knee level when he dropped them alongside his body, this way his palm and fist can repel his opponent very far from him. It was very difficult to defend from them. His face and skills were unusual. His reputation was at it upmost and everyone was trying to learn from him. He had hundred thousands followers who studies his art. Such a great number that himself feared that it could bring confusion in his art for the future generations.

A word for these following generations:
Dong left us happiness and long age as lasting mountains from the land of Chinese Traditions,
May his art shine and expand in our nation.

He had an incredible strength and was involved in the education of his country.
He was trying to bring happiness by elevating to the origin of everything.

Fifth generation – 19 years of Chinese Republic – 26th of march.
Ma Gui, Meng Bao Zhen, Fen Junyi, Dian Kai, He Jinkui, Yi Yuzheng, Lu Shukui

IV The fourth stele (1930): “Founder of a national art” by Lu Shukui

   Fourth stele
This fourth stele was added by Lu Shukui and his followers. On the upper part of the front part of this stele is written: “Founder of a national art” then followed by this epitaph:
“Dong Haichuan was born in Wen An. He was naturally gifted with strength and braveness which helped him to gain good reputation around him. More then thousand people visited him. Even nowadays we are astonished by the development of his school. His skills were uncommon. By reading his biography one may start to recognize him as an immortal. The quality of his art and martial techniques, has inspired many, discussed with many details and was subjects for many books. Master Dong inspired each one for the nobility of his life and his death comforted his reputation. One could hardly reach his level of achievement. Even though I do not deserve to be his successor, without any hesitation, let me bow once more in front of you with all my disciples. I have greatly benefited from his knowledge and this is why I wrote this epitaph to thank Master Dong for his benevolence.
Salutations from disciples of fourth generation: Lu Shukui and followers.
Text by Wang Hui of fifth generation.

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