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Video details
TAIYI HUOLONG PALM "Dragon Fire" video by Lu Zi Jian
  • Duration: 65 minutess
  • Publisher: Guanghua Publishing
  • Language: Chinese-English Subtitles
  • ISBN-10: 0940871300
  • Format: digital as an AVI file (622.90 Mb), high quality video comparable to DVD standard
Lu Zijian and his senior disciple  present in this video the secret traning of this unknown form of Baguazhang. Lu attributes his extreme longevity (now 115)  to his daily and rigourous practice of this TAIYI HOLONG PALM or  TAIYI DRAGON FIRE PALM. The strict body alignment: erected spine, loosened shoulder and elbow but also internal  criterias as a lifted crotch and rooting sole form the physical request which supple but swift twisting exercises.
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Video by Lu Zi Jian

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Taiyi Huolong Palm reviewed by:

 - Franck, United States: A dynamic Palm
It is amazing to see this old master moving and twisting with the ease of a young man.  It gives me also another idea of Baguazhang beyond the traditional circling steps and changinging palms, this Huolong Palm  seems really practical as we can see in the Applications figuring at the end of the video.
I appreciate especially the technique of down strike palm  performed regularly through out the form this is also another practical movement as we can find also in Xing Yi , I think for example agianst an  offensive such as grappling . Good continuation to Lu and followers.
- Michel, Toulouse France:  Interesting form
...I learnt the based eight palms  and was looking for complementary set, I found this set interesting , it combines rapid swift with powerful strike but remaining still the internal style , I would prefer to see Lu demonstrating the application himself  than his disciple, but it is also quite convincingly performed by his younger fellow. I would also expect more on Lu's other exercices  as I believe that it should have complementary to develop  more specifically stability and issuing power. But it remains an interesting unknow from the public. Hope you enjoy it.

- Al. C, Canada:  More on Lu Zijian
I was looking for  any relevant documents on Lu Zijian, as I believe that he is the living profof that body traing can prolong life. As a senior practitioner of internal arts, I found that Baguazhang through its lower limbs's specific  training: the steps, could be  among the best method. Qigong and all these staff  are good but what about the cardio system? Slow movements are not enough although being good for calmness... and I get bored while jogging...So this exercices gave me the idea that just purely pursuing health exercises will limit your range and level of physical exercices that your own body requires on a daily basis.
Thanks Lu Zijian, you show the path, man.

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