Four steles of Dong Haichuan's graveyard:  Second Stele
Second stele and  its epitaphs by Yin Fu and followers  (1904)
I The first stele (1883):  "The life of Dong Haichuan" by Yin Fu and by Li Zhimin(1981)
II The second stele (1904): "Tomb of Ancestor Dong originated from Wen An" by Yin Fu
III The third stele (1930): "Great Master" Dong by Ma Gui
IV The fourth stele (1930): “Founder of a national art” by Lu Shukui

This second stele was added by Yin Fu and his closed disciples.
It is written on the top: “Immortal memories”
The major text follows:
“Tomb of Ancestor Dong originated from Wen An.
Fame and great achievement, so many people are seeking them; unfortunately most of them will not achieve their goals. But our master (Dong) has followed the path of the greatest. From self teaching and hard working he succeeded in transforming himself, it takes time to build a reputation. His life is exemplary. Dong Haichuan from Wen An was naturally gifted with a lot strength. During his childhood he learned and practiced intensively martial arts and this was known in his area. Once adult, he wished to refine his martial skills, constantly improving them, so that he decided to visit friends in Hunan Province, during his trip he lost his way and found around but mountains. At the very crucial point where he had nowhere to go and nothing to eat, someone on the top of a mountain who was moving his hand in his direction. Once Dong reached the top of this mountain, this person said: “ I was waiting for you since a long time”. From there they followed a rocky road up to a strange monastery which was apparently desert. Once he was inside, he passed through many halls before reaching finally the one where was a man dressed with Taoist clothes, he had almost a child face and white hair, and he said: “Why are you so long time to come?”  From his martial arts practice Dong was familiar with the mental control of energies but all he learnt there was completely different. Dong stayed there for a long time until the day where he was told: “It is time for you to leave us, you finished your studies”. Dong was then invited to leave the monastery and as he was starting his road, Dong looked back to the monastery but he found just fog and clouds: it has simply disappeared.
Dong’s love of Martial Arts moved the heart of divinities. During all this time, everyone thought that he was already dead. But after this episode of his life, Dong was considered to be gifted with an extraordinary strength from Heaven and to have inherited martial skills from immortals. No one could defeat him. Later he worked for the government as a second rank officer. He lived then in the capital. With a calm temperament, reserved for his own opinions, he was highly appreciated for his exceptional skills. Hundreds of high rank officials and important businessmen visited him. And now his reputation is still growing even so many years after his death. His martial arts school is prosperous and anyone can remember his achievements. May this be graved on this stone.
Salutations for his disciples. (List of his students from Hubei).

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