Great Master of Baguazhang LU ZIJIAN
Lu Zijian, 115,  is a living example of how the mastery of internal martial arts can bring a long and healthy life, at 114; Lu is still very healthy and practices everyday Baguazhang.
According to official sources such as “Sports Publications of China”, Lu Zijian was born in 1893, Yichang, a city at the border of Yangtze River. His family was already well known in martial arts and Chinese Traditional Medicine circles.
His grandfather was a high rank military official and was sentenced to death for having released the troops of a rebellious general who was attempting to invade the Province of Sichuan.
 The father of Lu Zijian was a bodyguard and used to escort various expeditions as many martial arts experts along the Yangtze River. Lu started martial art at the early age of 7. When he was 20, he decided to left his native city for Wudang mountain, to learn internal styles from a Taoist monk of the Zixiao Temple (Xu Benshan) and later he spent also eight years in the Emei mountains of Sichuan County.
     Wudang mountains - The Daoist master of Lu Zijian: XU BENSHAN
Lu Benshan or also called Qianyi Zhenren, was an authentic master of Wudang internal arts and had inherited many techniques kept secret from the public because of their efficiency: such as the use of rings, hidden in both sleeves. In short distance these rings can be used to block and counterattack against empty hand or weapon attacks but in further distance they can be thrown thus extending the reach of its user. Xu was able to manage 10 rings and each ring was weighting around 0.58 Kg. But Daoist Xu was also very famous for his dexterity in Wudang spear, (nearly 4 meters long).
Emei mountains - The Baguazhang master of Lu Zijian: LI CHANGYE

Li Changye was called ""the Longevity Monk," who learned directly form the creator of Baguazhang, Dong Haichuan. Li used to live in the Nine Gray Bears Cave called also Meeting Fairies Cave on Emei Mountain, exiled from the capital after having killed several foreign aggressors during the Yihetuan Boxers Rebellion.
He transmitted all his Baguazhang knowledge to Lu and empowered him as the Third Generation Baguazhang Master.

"The Yangtze River Great Chivalrous Man" unknown during almost one century

Lu Zijian armed with his extraordinary fighting skills and TCM knowledge worked as a Traditional Medicine Doctor specialized in bone settling in his home town, then he works as a Wushu instructor in the army and as an escort on board Yangtze cargo carriers in the same way as his ancestors did. 
He remained almost unknown until the 80s where with the new opening reforms of China, martial artists were then authorized to demonstrate and develop their activities. Starting from this time Lu created dozens of Wushu Training Associations and  Ortho-
                                                     paedic Clinics in all over the country.

92 years old  Gold Medallist at The  China National Competition of Martial Arts  (1986)

In 1985, at 92, Lu was still sufficiently strong to participate in the Chinese National Championship of Wushu, as the member of the Sichuan Province Team, he was Gold Medallist with his Baguazhang demonstration.

Nowadays Lu Zhijian is still a very active person within Wushu circles and as Qi Gong national consultant in various international organizations.

His long life of Baguazhang practice as a mental physical therapeutic exercise has gifted him a very long, happy and healthy life. He still enjoys plainly of his five external senses: hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell are all very good and his steps are so firm that even several young men cannot move him as they attempted to push him.

 Lu Zijian and his friend Huo Yuanjia

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