Eight top disciples of Dong Haiquan: Zhang Zhankui (1859–1940)

 Chang Chan Kuei (also written Zhang Zhankui), was also known as Chang Chao Tung (Zhang Zhao Dong). He was born in He Chien county in the village of Ho Hung Yan in Hebei Province. He first trained in Mi Tsung Chuang (Lost track style also known as Yen Chen Fist). Later, he studied Hsing Yi with Liu Chi Lan and obtained a very high level of proficiency. In one story, Chang defeated a tax collector trying to exploit the villagers. From his exploits, he gained the reputation of being a straight man and is known as a "people hero". Later on he left the village and found a job catching criminals in Tianjin. It was during this time he first met and studied with Chen Ting Hua. Chen later introduce him to his teacher Dong Hai Chuan and Chang later studied directly with Dong. He trained hard and earned the nickname "Zhaodong" (Little North). At 1911, Li Cunyi, together with Ye Yunbiao, Zhang Zhankui, Ma Fengtu and others, established the "Zhonghua wushi hui" ("Chinese Martial Arts Association") in Tianjin.

On September, 1918, he entered the "Tournament of Powermen from 10.000 countries" with Li Cuiyi, Han Muxia and Li Jianqiu. He easly defeated a Russian competitor, KangTaiEr.

Chang earned his reputation by demonstrating and fighting in matches against foreign opponents on a raised platform (Lei Tai). He is said to have once killed a horse by strangling it with one hand and is also credited with defeating several Japanese fighters and a German strongman. One of his more famous students was Chiang Jung Chiao.

    Chiang Jung Chiao, Han Muxia, Jiang Rongqiao, Li Jianqiu, Liu Huhai, Wang Juncheng, Wang Shu Jin (1904-1981), Zhang Daoxin, Zhang Yutin

1. Yin Fu
2. Cheng Ting Hua
3. Zhang Chan Kuei
4. Ma Gui
5. Ma Wei Qi
6. Liu Feng Chun
7. Liu De Kuan
8. Song Chang Rong

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